Editor’s pickWays To Successfully Market Your Dental Practice

Dental implantology can be a competitive market and in order to successfully promote your practice it is helpful to know what makes your practice different from your competitors and how to market these unique selling points successfully.   We gathered data from our most successful customers to see what distinguishes these rapidly growing clinics from others. The clinics that grew 10% in …

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ADA Institute For Diversity In Leadership Seeks Applicants For 2018-19 Program, …

The American Dental Association Institute for Diversity in Leadership is accepting applications through 16th March for its 2018-19 class. The Institute is designed to provide education and leadership skills to dentists who are members of racial, ethnic and/or gender groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in leadership roles …


Solutionreach Partners With Dentisoft

Solutionreach has announced its partnership with leading web-based practice management for dental practice of all types, Dentisoft. The integration between Dentisoft and Solutionreach will: Allow for easier implementation and more streamlined user experience. Provide more robust patient communication functionalities including …

Professor Selected To Help Lead Global Forum

A UIC professor and associate dean has been appointed as co-chair of the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education. The forum is an ongoing activity of the National Academies of …



W&H Implantmed

See the new Implantmed and experience its new advantages

Trihawk: Four reasons why bur connoisseurs want single-patient-use burs:

Patient safety. Autoclaving can't completely rid a bur of bio-burden, which means that reusing burs may be putting your patients at risk.
Staff safety. Cleaning used burs can lead to sharps injuries and possible infections, jeopardizing your staff’s health and your bottom line.
Cutting speed. Autoclaving a bur even once greatly reduces its cutting effectiveness, which means that procedures involving used burs waste precious time.
Cost savings. The cost of single-use burs is exceeded by the cost of the staff time spent cleaning and autoclaving used burs...and dwarfed by the cost of a sharps injury or an infected patient.

PIEZO-LIFT Technique by Mectron

The new Piezo-Lift technique by Mectron facilitate sinus lift by crestal approach. New clinical protocol according to Prof. Tomaso Vercellotti for the maximum surgical safety and precision during crestal sinus procedure. Reduce the risk of membrane perforation. Safe detachment of the membrane and fewer post-operative complications for the patient.

Dentsply Sirona

CEO Jeffrey T. Slovin describes his vision for Dentsply Sirona, how the company will continue to drive advancements in global dental health and deliver better, safer and faster dentistry. 

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SMACO - an EMS Company

Now with new website


The EMS company SMACO, which is known to produce prophylaxis products such as ultrasonic scalers, Curing Lights and Capsule Mixers, designed in Switzerland, has recently launched its new online presence.

The website has been entirely redesigned from the ground up. It supports all the regular functions such as history, product information and details and also features such as a dealer search function (Where to buy).

SMACO has taken this opportunity and launched 2 Promo videos for this occasion. It is linked here and can be found also on the SMACO YouTube channel and their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/smacodental