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GC Asia recognises the voice of their customers, and has always believed in providing their very best in training and education to all dental professionals. Hence, the company had rolled out a series of local lectures and workshop activities over the past few years in various South East Asia (SEA) countries. GC – The Education Leader GC has been engaging world renowned speakers from …

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National Dentex Labs And Carbon Partner To Implement A 3D Manufacturing …

National Dentex Labs (NDX), the largest network of dental labs by revenue in the US, and Carbon, a Silicon Valley-based digital 3D manufacturing company, announced on 15th June a multi-year agreement to help NDX’s labs across the country implement Carbon’s complete dental solution. The agreement recently commenced with Carbon M2 …


Roland DGA Launches New Technology Upgrade Program

Roland DGA Corporation has teamed up with financing company Geneva Capital to launch a new “Technology Upgrade Program” for Roland customers throughout the U.S. In addition to making easy to qualify for financing a new Roland device, the program allows customers to upgrade to new models in as little as 12 months to remain competitive …



The new 3Shape TRIOS® MOVE is the ultimate communication tool taking active patient involvement to the next level.

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W&H Implantmed

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Trihawk: Four reasons why bur connoisseurs want single-patient-use burs:

Patient safety. Autoclaving can't completely rid a bur of bio-burden, which means that reusing burs may be putting your patients at risk.
Staff safety. Cleaning used burs can lead to sharps injuries and possible infections, jeopardizing your staff’s health and your bottom line.
Cutting speed. Autoclaving a bur even once greatly reduces its cutting effectiveness, which means that procedures involving used burs waste precious time.
Cost savings. The cost of single-use burs is exceeded by the cost of the staff time spent cleaning and autoclaving used burs...and dwarfed by the cost of a sharps injury or an infected patient.

PIEZO-LIFT Technique by Mectron

The new Piezo-Lift technique by Mectron facilitate sinus lift by crestal approach. New clinical protocol according to Prof. Tomaso Vercellotti for the maximum surgical safety and precision during crestal sinus procedure. Reduce the risk of membrane perforation. Safe detachment of the membrane and fewer post-operative complications for the patient.