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Editor’s pickNatural Reparative Capacity of Teeth Elucidated


Researchers at Inserm and Paris Descartes University have just taken an important step in research on stem cells and dental repair. They have managed to isolate dental stem cell lines and to describe the natural mechanism by which they repair lesions in the teeth. This fundamental discovery will make it possible to initiate unprecedented …

Dental Wings and Heraeus Kulzer Announce Long-Term Collaboration


From L to R: Dr. Martin Haase, CEO, Heraeus Kulzer; Michael Rynerson, CEO, Dental Wings; and Novica Savic, VP Dental Materials, Heraeus Kulzer Dental Wings is very pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term collaboration with Heraeus Kulzer for the worldwide distribution of the new Dental Wings Laser Milling (DWLM) technology, and …

CEREC: Multi-Faceted, Clinically Proven and Hands-On


Today, CEREC is far more than just a process for the chair-side manufacturing of ceramic restorations. Integrated software modules give users access to numerous additional application areas, such as implantology and orthodontics. All three fields can be experienced and explored live at the IDS 2015. CEREC in 2015 can look back at 30 years of …

Microbeads in Toothpaste are Bad News for People and the Environment


Microbeads, those tiny plastic beads included in personal care products for exfoliating power, have been popular for a number of years, with a growing number of companies sneaking them into toothpaste, body scrubs, soap and more. That's despite evidence that they cause significant environmental problems, an issue that has led a number of states to …

400,000-Year-Old Dental Tartar Provides Earliest Evidence of Man-Made Pollution


New discovery at Tel Aviv University excavation of Qesem Cave reveals early pre-historic 'balanced' diet and presence of respiratory irritants   Human teeth from Qesem Cave. (Photo Credit: Prof. Israel Hershkovitz, Tel Aviv University) Most dentists recommend proper teeth cleaning every six months to prevent, among other things, the …

New Scanners and Software for Dental Labs


In Chicago, 3Shape introduced new versions of their D-series bench-top scanners with improved scanning speeds, accuracy and interior size. Two new D-series lab scanner models were also launched: the D2000 and D1000 that feature multi-line scan technology. 3Shape's new proprietary multi-line technology has been shown in trials to increase scanning …