AAE Launches Multifaceted, National Consumer Campaign Pilot With Digital Ads


To help the public realise the importance of saving their natural teeth and to seek treatment from endodontists as their first choice for oral health care, on 31st January the American Association of Endodontists launched a national consumer campaign pilot with digital advertising.

This integrated campaign consists of social media, earned press, promotion through AAE’s thousands of members, and other direct consumer engagement activities. The AAE created a mix of search engine advertising, sponsored social media posts and online display advertising. They are also implementing grassroots activation through member outreach, a series of videos, surveys and social listening.

Those who click on the advertisements and social media posts will be sent to the AAE’s helpful Find My Endodontist online search tool, which allows patients to easily find an endodontist based on distance and office locations. Additionally, the portal provides information for patients to connect with the endodontist by phone, email or practice website. The AAE Board of Directors prioritised the ongoing initiative in its Strategic Plan.

“It’s important that patients understand the importance of preserving their natural teeth versus the overused, costly and complicated process of extraction,” said Dr. Patrick E. Taylor, AAE president. The campaign uses the tagline “Worth Saving” to help reinforce the importance of retaining your natural teeth and seeking an endodontist, a specialist in diagnosing tooth pain and saving teeth, as the first choice for care.“The Worth Saving campaign is also intended to grow the public’s awareness of who endodontists are and their specialised training,” Dr. Taylor said. “Along with two to three years of advanced training beyond dental school, endodontists have incredible precision and hand-eye coordination, making them highly skilled in performing complex treatments.”