AUTO Spin By Renfert: Universal System For Model Production With Acrylic Plates


Precise working models at low cost, time investment and free choice of system!

More precision, efficiency and flexibility during model production and at the same time easier working procedures? Renfert’s new AUTO spin model production system not only makes model production easier and more reliable, but also faster and at a lower cost. The perfectly coordinated pin drilling system makes the production of highly precise working models with an acrylic base plate easier. The pin drilling system features a dual-fixture, universal plate holder and Renfert‘s new, innovative “Level Controller” – for more precision when positioning challenging impressions and greater control over the position of the conical pins. The extensive AUTO spin accessory, which is compatible with other model system manufacturers, guarantees a reliable and reproducible working process.

Following the motto, "making work easy," Renfert’s AUTO spin is not only just the latest generation of automatic pin drilling devices; but for the first time, the dental technician is provided with an open model system with acrylic base plates and a flexible concept with individual components, which can easily be integrated into other model systems such as Zeiser® and Giroform®.

Open Pin Drilling System with Precision Guarantee

The new AUTO spin is a precision device which provides unique drilling accuracy due to its perfectly coordinated components and automated drilling process – for efficient model production and pin friction.

For the first time, the new integrated “Level Controller” allows impressions to be positioned and aligned safely, even with challenging situations. Less time, work and cost investment and less material consumption: Thanks to the prefabricated AUTO spin base plate, which comes in a standard and comfort version (with metal disc), the dental technician saves the working step of creating the plaster base. In addition, the high-precision base plate also eliminates the need for a splitcast, whilst at the same time allowing precise and clean repositioning of the working models in the articulator.

Better pin drilling: intuitive and integrative in the system

For flexible use, a universal base plate holder with secure dual-fixation is integrated in the system which is compatible with almost every plate size available on the market. The AUTO spin impression holder made of stainless steel and the innovative cone pins with a shaft length of 14mm (0.55’’) can also be used universally. Therefore, the precision pins can be used with the AUTO spin system as well as with other systems such as “Giroform® and Zeiser®. Other advantages of the model pins: Due to their fine surface structure and minimal manufacturing tolerances they have a controlled friction behavior, which allows a conical retention effect and a secure and uniform fit in the base plate. The system is rounded off with the silicone putty, AUTO spin putty, for fixing, aligning and blocking out the impression.

All in all, the AUTO spin provides the dental technician with a modern, perfectly coordinated system, with which highly accurate acrylic-based working models can be produced in a time and cost efficient manner and which also optimally complements model systems from other manufacturers.