Bay Materials Releases Zendura™ AT, An Advanced Material Aiding Orthodontic Clear Aligner Therapy


Bay Materials LLC, the industry leader in high performance thermoformable materials for orthodontic clear aligner therapy, announced on 26th July that it has released Zendura™ AT, the first and only material engineered especially for fabricating aligner attachment templates.

Clear aligner therapy (CAT) continues to grow rapidly in the US and abroad with public demand for a more comfortable and satisfying method of orthodontic treatment. Clinicians have documented that precise placement of attachments on patients' teeth can improve CAT outcomes and expand the market for CAT to a wider range of cases. 

Zendura AT allows clinicians to form attachment templates that capture attachment details designed in software more exactly than possible using other materials. Zendura AT also allows more precise attachment placement, and then easy removal of the template.

Engineered by a team of world class material scientists to provide the optimum balance of rigidity, elasticity and clarity necessary to provide a superior-performing attachment template, Zendura AT is made from a proprietary, medical-grade polyurethane (TPU) resin and is 0.015" (0.38mm) in thickness.

Zendura AT supports many of the most popular dental composite materials.

"Zendura AT is easily the very best plastic material we've used to fabricate attachment templates and most important it allows our docs to enhance the patient experience," said Mr. Jeff Sheppard, President of Digital Orthodontic Care, an Ontario, Canada, orthodontic lab. "The detail crispness that can be achieved far exceeds that of other materials. Our docs also love AT because it enables them to much more easily and precisely place attachments and remove the template when they're finished."