Bioloren introduces an innovative technopolymer for dental prosthesis


Bioloren, an Italian company specialising in metal-free dental system, developed an innovative technopolymer called Trilor®.

Trilor® consists of thermo-hardening resin and a multi-directional reinforcement of fibreglass. The fibre-reinforced composites are the materials used in aeronautics and many other fields where high strength and low weight property are essential. Tests for fatigue and resistance to fracture were performed at the University of Siena and Polytechnic of Valencia (Spain).

The woven fibre structure reproduces that of the fabric in a multi-directional configuration. It offers the best performance in terms of the distribution of loads and tensions of the structure itself.

The matrix or the fibre interface is the most critical point of composite structures. Thanks to the precise and reliable industrial production method, Trilor® offers a level of adhesion between the fibres and the resinous matrix that greatly amplifies the technological characteristics of the material.

Advantages of the material include:

  • Material stability
  • No synthesising – No fusion
  • Free from metal and zirconia
  • Chemically stable
  • It binds with aesthetic materials
  • Good aesthetic
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced colour variation
  • Efficient to use

It is used in different products from the same company including the Trilor Arch, Trilor Block, Trilor Disc, Trilor Disk Pink, and Trilor Disk Zirkonzahn compatible.