BrackFix Light-Cured Fluorescent Bracket Bonding System


VOCO introduces BrackFix, the light-cured bracket bonding system that simplifies the removal of the residual adhesive by making it easily visible as it fluoresces under UV light. This ensures that after removal of the brackets, all adhesive is removed, while minimising if not eliminating any unnecessary damage to the tooth itself. This also significantly speeds up the bracket removal process as all material to be removed is immediately apparent and visible.

The consistency and viscosity of BrackFix is formulised so that brackets can be positioned precisely, do not slip and stay in the intended position. This simplifies the application and allows the clinician to take as much time as optimally needed. BrackFix can be applied in two different ways: either with a standard primer, in which case etching is required in advance, or with a self-etch primer. Light-cured and able to handle a load immediately after placement, BrackFix is indicated for all metal and ceramics brackets and comes in an easy to dispense syringe.