Busch Cotton Buffs for Metals in the Dental Laboratory


Cotton buffs have been used in dental laboratories for a long time. However, what is new about the Busch cotton buffs is that they are impregnated with the special corundum abrasive grain. This means that with the new Soft Wheels, technicians no longer need to go through the tedious process of immersing the wheel in polishing paste and picking the paste up. The Soft Wheels are suitable for polishing all commonly processed metals in the dental laboratory.

Soft Wheels are available unmounted as a six-pack for each polishing stage and can easily be mounted to the durable rust-proof Busch mandrel with reinforced collar.

This two-stage polishing system allows technicians to create high-gloss workpieces without the need to apply any significant pressure. The green buffing wheel with the embedded medium-sized grain ensures that workpieces are pre-polished without the need for any additional polishing paste.

High-gloss polishing is easily achieved with the pink buffing wheel (with an extra-fine grain size) and without any remnants of polishing paste leaving smears on the metal surface which might obstruct a technician’s view.