Ceramill UP-TO-DATE


The latest Ceramill Software Release 3.14 includes a number of new features and improvements that are presented in the Ceramill Up-to-Date Newsletter. The Newsletter will be distributed for the first time at Lab Day Chicago and is available as well on Amann Girrbach’s website for download.

Taking a further step into a digitalised future in which dental professionals will benefit from simplified and customised design procedures for the creation of perfectly fitting dentures, the software update includes a number of new features and improvements, such as:

The functionality of the high-end Map 600 scanner has been further increased with new options, such as the scanning of full jaw impressions.

Due to the full integration of the digital Zebris facebow, users can articulate digitally with the click of a mouse and also transfer all patient-specific joint parameters to the virtual articulator at the touch of a button. This additional digital patient information largely avoids the need for grinding the finished restoration which often proves necessary.

With REAX* (Reliable All On X), all the developments of recent years have been accumulated in the new software. For clinicians and technicians, this means increased user-friendliness and an instant fit when fabricating implant-supported bridges.

14-unit dentures can now be created fully automatically and as accustomed in the Ceramill System under consideration of dynamic occlusion using the Artex CR.

To download the Ceramill Up-to-Date Newsletter, visit here.