Chicago Mobile Clinic Receives Grant As Part Of America's Toothfairy's National Mobile Care Initiative


As part of its annual Celebration of Smiles event held during the Chicago Dental Society’s MidWinter Meeting, America’s ToothFairy was proud to honour Mobile Care Chicago with a US$5,000 grant to support their services to underserved children in the Chicago area. The contribution will provide resources for the dental clinic’s mobile program which served more than 7,500 children last year.

Through the National Mobile Care Initiative, sponsored by Patterson Dental, America’s ToothFairy clinical partners overcome barriers to care by providing dental services in mobile units, schools and childcare facilities, community centers and other familiar settings in order to bring dental services to underserved children who live in urban and rural Dental Healthcare Professional Shortage Areas or have limited transportation options.

“Many of the families we serve work multiple jobs or have multiple children to care for. Taking time off of work or away from other caregiving responsibilities to travel across or into the city and waiting for an appointment is particularly difficult for these families,” said Mr. Matt Siemer, Executive Director of Mobile Care Chicago. “The generosity of America’s ToothFairy enabled Mobile Care to not only maintain care in the deeply underserved Southern Suburbs of Chicago but to add over 140 new patients last year. We are so grateful for this grant as it will help us treat even more children in the coming year.”

“Thanks to support from Patterson Dental, our National Mobile Care Initiative provided critical resources and support to 42 mobile dental clinics serving 152,641 children last year,” America’s ToothFairy Executive Director, Ms. Jill Malmgren announced during the presentation. “We are so pleased to provide these additional resources to Mobile Care Chicago as they provide high-quality services to underserved children in and around Chicago.”

Patterson Dental’s Mr. Tim Rogan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, was on hand to participate in the grant presentation. “Patterson Dental has been proud to partner with America’s ToothFairy for many years,” he said. “And we are especially pleased to act as Title Sponsor of this important initiative to help provide exceptional care and essential preventive services to children who might otherwise have to go without.”