eAssist Dental Solutions Announces Partnership With Dr. Charles Blair's Online PracticeBooster


eAssist Dental Solutions is taking a major step in augmenting its already successful electronic billing services for dental offices throughout the United States. In a strategic partnership with industry expert Dr. Charles Blair, eAssist now offers his premier PracticeBooster Online System at absolutely no cost to all eAssist clients. 

PracticeBooster was developed by Dr. Charles Blair, an industry leader on insurance coding and administration strategies. PracticeBooster staples like the Code Advisor and Resource Center help dental billing specialists become more efficient while striving toward error-free billing practices. Current and archived "Insurance Solutions Newsletter" articles are also included with PracticeBooster.  These are invaluable, must-have resources.

A highly regarded author and publisher, Dr. Blair lends his wealth of knowledge to the process of dental billing. Holding multiple degrees in mathematics, accounting and business administration, Dr. Blair was also a practicing dentist for over a decade.

"I am really excited that eAssist has the insight to provide PracticeBooster Online to all its clients.  eAssist's unique, remote technology allows the dental office to efficiently outsource important elements of business office operations.  Now their service is of even greater value with their consultants and our technology," said Dr. Charles Blair.

Accurate and timely dental billing is one of the most important aspects to a healthy and functioning dental practice. Inaccuracies and procrastination in filing claims quickly leads to a deficit of income, back-owed dental fees and an inability to sustain the day-to-day economics of running a practice. Adding to the headache of worrying about timely billing, dental practices often deal with staff turnover rates that make it impossible to sustain a smooth and steady billing practice; not to mention constantly having to train new staff in billing practices is both time consuming and expensive. Outsourcing of billing is becoming an increasingly popular solution to a lot of these problems.

"I am really looking forward to working with Dr. Blair on this alliance. PracticeBooster is a great asset for all practices to maximise revenue by correctly coding what they do. We are happy to offer this benefit at no additional charge to our clients. Dr. Blair's organization is world class and we are grateful for our partnership. eAssist clients will most definitely appreciate and benefit from this endeavor," said CEO Dr. James Anderson.

eAssist guarantees proper HIPAA-compliant electronic claims and electronic attachment submission, ensures the accurate posting of EOB credits and always updates or adjusts patient information when necessary. Now partnered with PracticeBooster Online features, eAssist continues to move closer to its goal to become the perfect extension to the front office of a modern dental practice.