Effective Restorations


Thanks to intensive research, modern high-performance composites are constantly being refined and optimised with regard to their ability to blend in, their gloss and modeling capabilities. Through skillful combination of established composite colours with new, state-of-the-art filling materials, impressive effects can be created. Even complicated color structures can be modeled true to nature.

Special effects in four colours

The universally applicable high-performance composite BRILLIANT EverGlow of the international dental specialist COLTENE can be additionally refined by targeted use of MIRIS 2 effect colours. Even in challenging cases, the dentist creates high-quality solutions. The four effect colours Blue, White, White Opaque and Gold can be freely combined with the easily modelable, gloss-resistant composite. Depending on the case and indication, restorations can be characterized in a highly individual way.

Representatives of first-class restoration art have long been familiar with the highly aesthetic MIRIS 2 . For the first time, the popular nano-hybrid composite Miris 2 was based on the concept of "natural layer technology" according to Dr. med. Didier Dietschi implemented. The ideally graded colour spectrum allows even more true-to-nature colour reproduction than with conventional colour concepts. With the four Miris 2Effect colours, special optical highlights can be worked out. At the same time, anatomical peculiarities can be mimicked with just a few simple steps: the colour "blue" is suitable, for example, for displaying opalescent incisal edges in adolescents. Older patients benefit from the intense colour saturation of the colour "gold". The colours "White" and "White Opaque" are used to cover dark spots or imitate hypocalcifications and fissures. The optical characteristics of the enamel are individually different and vary with age. The MIRIS 2 effect paints take this development into account and provide unsurpassed, natural aesthetics, even for extremely demanding restorations.

Compositions across the colour spectrum

Of course, the effect colours can be easily combined with all popular high-performance composites. Curing takes place directly in the cavity. The rules of adhesive bonding with a coordinated bonding system as well as a minimally invasive preparation also apply unchanged to the composites of the latest generation. In the dental trade, the four flowable effect colours are available in the practical syringe form. Even with BRILLIANT EverGlow, the pioneers of aesthetic filling therapy are already researching to integrate the know-how of the highly aesthetic MIRIS 2 series. Thus, an extension of the color palette by further shades is quite conceivable.