Efficient Aesthetics with Direct Filling Treatments


Either efficiency or aesthetics – that is all in the past for direct filling treatments. The motto for modern product solutions by Ivoclar Vivadent is: individually good, together better!

Every product in Ivoclar Vivadent’s direct filling treatment portfolio stands for aesthetics, quality and efficiency and each individually optimised working step combines to form an overall, well-coordinated and harmonious workflow. This way, it is possible to save time and money and at the same time achieve consistently good results.

Time savings of up to 55 percent

The Tetric N composites are distinguished by their natural shade adaptation. The efficiency of the filling treatment can reportedly be increased when used together with other Ivoclar Vivadent products. These include, for example, the OptraSculpt and OptraSculpt Pad instruments with their non-stick effect and the flexible OptraGate for relative isolation. Also, the adhesive material Tetric N-Bond Universal in the innovative VivaPen is very effective. This unique delivery form allows almost three times more applications per millilitre content than conventional bottles. The Bluephase Style curing device with its special Polywave LED offers high performance with short exposure times for all light-curing materials. Ultimately, a completely efficiency-optimised treatment procedure can reduce the time required for a Class II restoration from 17 to 11 minutes.

Quality you can rely on

Over 100 million OptraGates have been sold, and more than 110 million Tetric N fillings have been placed, while Bluephase Style is Europe's best-selling curing device. This shows that the performance of Ivoclar Vivadent’s solutions inspires dental practices worldwide. With optimally coordinated products, clinicians can improve the overall efficiency of direct restorative procedures and continue to achieve high-quality restorations. Without compromising on quality and aesthetics, clinicians can treat three patients instead of two in the same time.