Efficient Solution For All Cavity Classes


Composites of the Tetric N-Line offer high product quality for reliable results

With the four composites of the Tetric N-Line, dentists can effectively create aesthetic restorations in all cavity classes. They benefit from products that have been used in more than 90 million fillings to date. These products combine proven strengths with innovation.

With the four composites of the Tetric N-Line, all cavity classes can be restored efficiently and aesthetically. Thanks to a variety of combination options, dentists can master every challenge in the anterior and posterior region. The line comprises two conventional and two bulk-fill composites. They are all based on Tetric N-Ceram, which has been clinically proven for over ten years.

Classic strengths combined with the latest innovation
All four composites contain highly radiopaque ytterbium fluoride fillers and therefore enable excellent X-ray diagnostics. Recent developments include the highly reactive photoinitiator Ivocerin and the Aessencio technology, which causes a translucency change during polymerisation. As a result of these technologies, proven strengths and the latest innovation are combined in this line of composites.

High product quality
Beautiful healthy teeth have a significant impact on well-being and health. A composite filling made of the latest class of materials can last for many years. Therefore, it is important to use high-quality materials. Careful selection of the raw ingredients and strict process control standards ensure that the four composites offer a consistently high product quality.

Tetric is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.