Endurance test for Implantmed in Africa


Dr. Fridleif Bachner and Andreas Brandstätter at the handover of the new Implantmed Classic

Since 2010, dentists, technicians and experts in dental health from Germany have been supporting an aid project in Siavonga, Zambia, as part of the “Dentists Without Limits Foundation” (DWLF). Treatments are carried out both in the dental clinic at the local hospital in Siavonga and on people in the surrounding area – always featuring the use of an Implantmed device from W&H.

W&H has been supporting the DWLF’s important work with the Implantmed surgical device for nearly a decade. This Implantmed device donated by W&H has been a versatile and robust companion for the outreach operations in particular, which involve travelling in a Jeep laden with tools into the area around Siavonga, often along rough tracks.

Implantmed facilitates tireless use in Africa

Dr. Fridleif Bachner, a dentist who regularly volunteers with the DWLF, said, “When we began our work in Zambia, we only had very limited equipment at our disposal. Therefore, our aim was to significantly expand our treatment options in Africa and to be able to introduce treatments that are standard in Europe in Zambia too. We managed this thanks to the Implantmed device donated by W&H.”

Although the Implantmed is still fully operational, even after 10 years of use in challenging conditions, W&H has now donated a completely new device instead of a service. “The DWLF’s work in Zambia is both important and admirable, and we are delighted to be able to make a contribution to this with our durable and robust products,” explains Andreas Brandstätter, Product Manager OCI when handing it over to Dr. Bachner in late November 2019. The new Implantmed will soon travel to Africa and will continue to serve the DWLF reliably for many years to come.

The W&H Implantmed is used everywhere, from the dental clinic at the local hospital in Siavonga to schools in the surrounding area