Enhanced Dental Product: DentiMax 18 Practice Management Software



Director of DentiMax Practice Management, Alica Dieujuste shares with us the latest and greatest features of DentiMax 18.

Long awaited, highly anticipated, well thought out… Introducing DENTIMAX 18!

We are so very excited to announce that the New DentiMax has arrived, and I am thrilled to review some of our AMAZING new features with you!

User Interface:

Top to Bottom, we have a brand new, pleasing user interface with larger font, updated styles and graphics, and easy-on-the-eye screen colours. Our new user interface has even more hyperlinks than its predecessor, for simple, intuitive navigation, like you would expect from an internet browser.

We’ve chosen new colours that are easy to see and visually appealing; after all, you do stare at the screen all day! We’ve also added some extra space for our screen’s layout so each section is clear and better utilised.



DentiMax has always had the best scheduler on the market, but we just couldn’t help adding a few new features there too! Our multicodes for quick appointment scheduling now allow up to 16 codes, tooth numbers, surfaces or quadrants, and you can even pre-set the time needed for multicode scheduling!

In addition, with our updated Appointment Book Pro, you can search and schedule by colour or template block, and even create custom schedule views with different time availabilities to change your office hours by the view. From the Patient Appointment, we now have a payment plan notification and a link to the patient’s payment plan on file, as well as integrated 2-way DentiMax texting right from the Appointment Entry screen. When scheduling, you will also be immediately notified about all future appointments your patient may have already scheduled. 


Patient Information:

Our Patient Information screen now has an option to mark the patient VIP, which will hide their contact information based on security rights. You will also have the ability to clearly mark your patient deceased so that no calls are made in error to the family. The patient’s Medical Alerts will automatically be updated with a date stamp, so you don’t have to worry about noting when changes are made to medical histories.

Our insurance plans allow for you to conveniently enter frequency allowances by code, making it easy to schedule within the appropriate time frame.  We’ve also enhanced the recall tracking to allow you to enter previous dates of service for recall (even done outside your office).  This will automatically create existing treatments for your patient in the charting screen so even your clinical stuff will know when the patient was last treated. You’ll also be able to view family recall details, making scheduling easy and efficient. Both our scheduler and patient list will now notify you of potential duplicate patients so you don’t accidentally create two files for the same patient. We also give you the option for integrated 2-way DentiMax Texting from the patient info screen as well!


The DentiMax Ledger is a financial powerhouse when it comes to viewing patient/family accounts, denial/reason notes, account aging info, summary/detailed views, insurance plan links, and insurance billing history; now, version 18 has made the ledger even better! You never want to make a mistake with other people’s money, so we’ve added new tool tips for clearer financial details. Just hover the mouse over the patient’s insurance used, and we’ll auto calculate the patient’s remaining maximum.


There’s also a tool tip to show you the total amount of the patient’s payment for the day and the total amount billed on each claim right from the ledger. Additionally, DentiMax now auto creates new billings any time the patient insurance changes. This will allow you to keep all the historical insurance info for easy re-billing and claim details, without having to manually separate the charges associated with the insurance or different fee schedules.



Our new anatomically correct odontogram with updated realistic graphics is more than just a pretty mouth! It now allows you to permanently dock the tabs on the right side of the screen so you can see multiple tabs at once. You can also mass delete treatment items, and change the date of existing restorations to the correctly completed date, as well as move “referred out” items into the “existing restoration” category when your patient returns to your office.

We’ve also added the option to easily name and identify multiple treatment plans (ie: bridge versus an implant option), allow for electronic signing of accepted or declined treatment plan options, and a hefty library of customisable and automated clinical note templates.

Not only do we have the fastest clinical charting and notes on the market, but we are bringing sexy back!


Our Claim Screen is enhanced with a claim drill down feature so you can click one button to view the details of the claim without actually opening the claim. This feature allows you to quickly see the charges on the claim so you have quicker, more efficient claim management. The new claim enhancements also allow you to select single or multiple claims, and mass edit the claim status from “ready to bill” to “billed”, or any other status for both primary and secondary claims. We’ve also improved our ICD 9/10 lorning for seamless carrythrough from procedure to dental or medical claim form.


We have updated every report to include more detail, and be easier to read. You’ll notice this especially within the multiple statement options. We have also created a new report package to help you quickly find the information you need! Our new reports feature a Payment Plan list, Planned and Scheduled Treatment, Scheduling Statistics, Inactive Patients, Declined Treatment Plans, Patient Retention, Referral Reports, and more!

This is just a sneak peek at the new features, new look, and new functions of DentiMax 18. We know you will enjoy the quality, performance, and usability as much as we do!