Excite Patients And Advance Case Acceptance With 3Shape Award Winning Solutions


3Shape TRIOS was not only named the best intraoral scanner by the Cellerant awards panel for the sixth year in a row, but TRIOS MOVE also received the industry’s “Innovation Award”. The “Innovation of the Year” award was presented by the FMC media company in-conjunction with the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) to 3Shape TRIOS MOVE at a gala ceremony in London.

Patient excitement apps

3Shape TRIOS excitement apps are redefining patient communication. With TRIOS excitement apps, patients can see their future smiles as well as developments in their oral health. The apps create an engaging set of patient communications tools for dental professionals.

3Shape TRIOS excitement apps include Smile DesignTreatment Simulator and the upcoming Patient Monitoring*. Together, they provide a simple and exciting way to advance treatment dialogue and acceptance. Treatment proposals can be shared to the patient’s own phone and tablet using the “My3Shape” app.

3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner – now with AI scanning

3Shape TRIOS introduces artificial intelligence (AI Scan) to intraoral scanning. “AI Scan” in TRIOS processes a range of scan data to make scanning smarter. “AI Scan” improves the ease and speed of digital impression-taking by removing soft tissue when scanning. Depending on tongue and cheek movement, as well as the doctor’s scanning skill-level, avoiding soft tissue can be a challenge. With AI Scan activated, TRIOS ignores excess soft tissue. AI Scan improves the scanning experience and reduces the time spent trimming soft tissue. AI Scan can be switched on and off for cases when soft tissue in the scan is preferred.

*Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.