Editor’s pickExpasyl Exact: Cost-effective and atraumatic gingival retraction


Acteon Group introduced Expasyl™ gingival retraction paste in year 2000. The product continues to be the choice of many dentists for tissue management during restorative and cosmetic dental treatment up until today.

Recently, the company released a variation of the product called Expasyl™ Exact aiming to prevent wastage of material. One capsule contains just an exact amount needed for the procedure. It comes in a single-use capsule and can be dispensed using any composite gun. Hence, it offers a cost-effective option for practitioners.

Expasyl™ Exact paste provides excellent benefits with little risks. Its viscosity has been carefully calculated to open the sulcus effectively without damaging the epithelial attachment. Therefore, the procedure is done both safe and effective.

Clinical studies show that Expasyl™generates a pressure that is 37 times less than a cord. There is a preservation of epithelial attachment thus the risk of gingival recession and bone resorption is reduced. Moreover, the product generates a pressure that is 1.7 to 9.2 times greater than other retraction pastes available on the market.

Overall, Expasyl™ Exact provides pain-free gingival retraction, haemostasis, and reduction of crevicular fluid. Whether the impression is taken digitally or with traditional methods, clinicians can completely capture the emergence profile and cervical limit of the tooth. The result is an improved quality of digital images and impressions that is vital in creating highly-aesthetic crowns.