Eye-catching: VITA SMART.FIRE® Art Line


Fire artistically and flexibly in a digital workflow


The miniature furnace VITA SMART.FIRE makes the digital workflow for monolithic, CAD/ CAM-supported fabricated restorations more efficient and brings a splash of colour into the laboratory and dental work. The colourful new VITA SMART.FIRE Art Line series can help brighten up your everyday dental work. The small and flexible furnace provides quick and flexible crystallisation, glaze, stains and corrections firing for all common glass and feldspar ceramics, and now in five different pop-art designs.

These efficient furnaces have been adapted to the special needs of dental technicians and dentists. Because of its compact size, the vacuum-capable VITA SMART.FIRE Art Line fits into any practice lab, is movable for use in the treatment room and is stylish and attractive. Restorations can be produced onsite in the treatment room and subsequently cemented. This results in the shortest process possible and direct success monitoring on patients. No more tedious polishing after grinding, thanks to the immediate glaze firing chairside. The surface quality of the restoration is optimised at the same time, contributing to the durability of the treatment result. From scanning to final cementing, the VITA SMART.FIRE Art Line can artfully accelerate the digital workflow for monolithic ceramic restorations. The colourful, mobile, space-saving wonder reduces wait time and allows for even more economical restoration successes.