FDI World Dental Development Fund Backs Projects to Improve Oral Health Worldwide


Promoting oral health for the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous community in Costa Rica

FDI World Dental Federation is accepting applications for the World Dental Development Fund (WDDF), which supports innovative oral health initiatives in communities around the world. The fund backs projects with clear objectives to promote and improve oral health and prevent oral diseases in limited-income areas with oral health needs.

Local teachers and cultural leaders are taught how to give oral health education lessons to ensure the sustainability of the project

Projects with a prominent educational component and promising potential for sustainability are given priority. They should focus on at least one of the following topics: disease prevention or eradication, education, oral health promotion, and primary health care.

Indigenous children are taught songs that encourage them to brush their teeth regularly

As an example, Hands for Health, a non-profit organisation in Costa Rica which has benefited from WDDF funding in 2017, promotes oral health among children of indigenous people. Many had migrated from Panama and found themselves stateless, which has led to complex health and socio-economic issues. As part of their work, project leaders visit “Houses of Joy”, where indigenous children stay while their parents are working.

The World Dental Development Fund continues to support oral health projects in Cambodia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Vanuatu.