Fluor Protector S Varnish System Rated By Dentists And Practice Teams In A Survey


Smooth flowing fluoride varnish for difficult-to-reach risk areas.
Fluor Protector S is a fluoridated varnish that offers enhanced protection against dental caries and tooth erosion.

Dentists and practice teams rated the Fluor Protector S varnish system in a survey. In total, 217 questionnaires were evaluated and showed: Fluor Protector S convinces users with its qualities.

More than three quarters of the respondents were generally satisfied to very satisfied with the properties of the fluoride varnish. Users recommend it for the targeted remineralisation of incipient lesions (white spots), protection against erosions, treatment of sensitive teeth and tooth necks as well as for caries prevention.

Good flow characteristics and easy handling

The good flow and wetting properties were seen as a clear advantage of the protective varnish. Difficult-to-reach risk areas such as fissures, interdental spaces, exposed cervicals, porous tooth surfaces and areas around brackets obtain the fluoride they require and receive enhanced protection. More than 80 percent of the dentists and practice teams were also pleased with the fast and straightforward application procedure.