Harmonised And Optimised Screws


BEGO Implant Systems will be changing its technician screws from a slot and hexagonal screw head to a single hexagonal screw head from the first quarter of 2018.

Right from the inception of the Semados® implant system, BEGO Implant Systems has maintained the view that two screws should be supplied with the prosthetic components for safety reasons. These are a technician screw for the laboratory and preparation of the dental restoration and a definitive prosthesis screw, packaged in a red capsule, for final insertion in the patient’s mouth.

Using two separate screws ensures that the prosthesis screw is used without any damage. The screws are included in the prosthetic superstructure components set and do not have to be ordered separately. This simplifies ordering for the customer and ensures that the screws are available at the right time in the laboratory or the practice.

The changeover of the screws will begin gradually from 1st January 2018, thus ensuring optimisation of their processing and handling.