Henry Schein One Launched OmniCore At CDA


Henry Schein One, the practice management, marketing and patient communication joint venture formed on 1st July involving the products and services of Henry Schein Practice Solutions, a subsidiary of Henry Schein, Inc., Henry Schein's international dental practice management systems, and the dental businesses of Internet Brands, a KKR portfolio company, announced on 7th September the release of OmniCore™, an all-in-one network infrastructure solution that provides essential hardware and services needed to operate dental practices’ IT needs. Offered by TechCentral, Henry Schein One’s dental office technology support and services division, OmniCore is an IT solution unique to the dental industry called, “hardware as a service.” Rather than incur the cost to purchase and support networking hardware, customers pay a monthly fee for TechCentral to provide, maintain and monitor all of the hardware packaged in OmniCore. By outsourcing OmniCore ownership and maintenance to TechCentral, dentist can eliminate common IT tasks from their responsibilities, such as replacing outdated hardware, updating software licenses, maintaining-secure firewalls, backing up data and managing network solutions.

“Maintaining hardware, operating systems and software can be very time-consuming and expensive for dentists,” said Mr. John DeMark, TechCentral Director of Sales, Henry Schein One. “Customers using OmniCore can rely on TechCentral to deliver a ‘network-in-a-box’ solution that provides greater peace of mind, giving dentists more time to deliver quality patient care rather than worry about IT maintenance.”

The TechCentral team of professionals will install and maintain practices’ IT infrastructure, manage dental office IT networks and minimise everyday IT concerns, such as backing up and recovering patient data and finding reliable support for critical dental network issues, which typically incur unexpected IT expenses.

“OmniCore is a game changer for the dental IT industry,” said Mr. Donovan Gregg, TechCentral Product Manager, Henry Schein One. “Dentists no longer have to go to several manufacturers to fulfill their practice’s IT needs: it’s all taken care of in one product.”

OmniCore was discussed at California Dental Association (CDA) Presents in San Francisco, CA from 6th– 8th September 2018.