How To Naturally Support Wound Healing With BioHorizons' biologics Plus IntraSpin® L-PRF®


IDS 2019 Highlight

BioHorizons Camlog is adding the innovative IntraSpin® System from Intra-Lock® to its comprehensive portfolio of regenerative biomaterials. The IntraSpin® System is designed to obtain autologous leukocyte platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF®) fibrin matrices and ensures good material biocompatibility. It is manufactured in Germany and has both CE approval as a Class IIa medical device and FDA approval for the American market.

What is L-PRF®?

By means of the L-PRF® technique, certain constituents and signaling substances can be released from autologous blood, which are reintroduced into the wound area to promote natural wound and tissue healing. The therapy is 100% natural and additive-free. Natural growth factors present in the patient´s body are concentrated when using L-PRF®. Making use of this autohemotherapy, the patient´s own concentrated platelets and other key blood cells are simply re-introduced into the site of the surgical procedure. As a result, the body´s own constituents are used to release powerful healing proteins and create a scaffold for healing.

The combination of this minimally invasive procedure with the proven products from BioHorizons® biologics promotes and accelerates soft tissue and bone regeneration, as scientific studies clearly show. As Professor Nelson R. Pinto once put it: “L-PRF®, a human living tissue that challenges the paradigm of osseointegration and tissue regeneration. What we thought impossible yesterday, could be routine tomorrow with L-PRF® and natural guided regeneration.”

Indications and clinical application

In the last few years, interest and research in this topic has piqued. Science has delivered a wealth of new information on the mechanisms underlying the growth-factor processes of osseointegration and tissue regeneration, and has investigated the most suitable therapy concepts in each situation. Supplemented and updated information on therapy concepts are in the latest issue of "Guidelines for the use of L-PRF®", written by experts in the field of L-PRF®, in order to facilitate compilation of the most effective therapy concepts.1

Worldwide focus on science and education

BioHorizons Camlog is focusing on high-level education and a strong scientific basis for the application of L-PRF®. In 2019, the clinical master BioHorizons L-PRF® course in Italy with Prof. Testori – as well as CAMLOG’s and Rocker & Rocker GmbH courses in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich are great examples of BioHorizons Camlog continuous educational commitment.

For worldwide distribution, BioHorizons Camlog will resort to its subsidiary and distributor network. In the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, distribution of the IntraSpin® System will be handled by Rocker & Rocker GmbH for Camlog. "Working together with Robin Rocker and his team, we have an ideal partner with many years of experience in the distribution of autologous blood products at our side," said Mr. Martin Lugert, Managing Director of Camlog DACH. "I am delighted that the IntraSpin® system gives our customers access to the safe and fast reprocessing of autologous L-PRF® products".

As part of Henry Schein's Global Dental Surgical Group (GDSG), BioHorizons and Camlog work closely together to expand their combined global market position. The products of Intra-Lock®, also part of GDSG, complement the product range of BioHorizons and Camlog with innovative technologies such as the IntraSpin® System.

The IntraSpin® System is intended to be used for the safe and rapid preparation of autologus Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) from a small sample of blood taken at the patient’s point of care.