inLab Prosinter: The New Sintering Furnace Combines Tried-And-Tested Sintering Quality With First-Class Ease Of Use


A powerful, reliable sintering furnace is an essential and decisive component for achieving the desired final strength and dimension of both zirconia and sinter metal restorations. At the IDS 2019, Dentsply Sirona will present the new inLab Prosinter, the latest generation of sintering furnaces that combines proven process reliability in a new design and particularly convenient operation. 


inLab Prosinter, Dentsply Sirona's new sintering furnace for the dental lab, combines tried-and-tested process reliability with new user guidance in a new design.

inLab users are already familiar with the flexible application, reliable use and speed when sintering zirconia and sinter metals with the inFire HTC speed sintering furnace. Now, its successor, the inLab Prosinter sintering furnace from Dentsply Sirona, has adopted this proven process technology and will enhance it in a more slimline, modern design: with completely new user guidance, additional material validations and even more program options.

Reliable application, easy operation

During the development of the inLab Prosinter, the reliability of the entire sintering process continued to be the top priority. This is guaranteed by high-quality heating elements that have proven themselves over a long period of time, and homogeneous temperature distribution within the furnace. This enables accurate temperature control during the entire sintering process – for better quality results coupled with reliable reproducibility.

With its slimline design and its clear touch screen, the inLab Prosinter sintering furnace also scores in terms of operation – thanks to quick access to all of the functions and the status display. Furthermore, pre-installed sintering programs for validated sintering materials ensure processing that is suitable for the various materials. Users can perform program updates themselves using the appropriate USB interface. 


Profitable functions for all applications

In terms of profitability, its maximum flexibility regarding material selection, processing time and capacity make the inLab Prosinter a very dependable partner for a reliable CAD/CAM process. The product variation, inLab Prosinter with Metal, can be adjusted from zirconia operation to sintering non-precious metals within a few seconds (inCoris CCB, Dentsply Sirona). Overall, the inLab Prosinter offers the dental laboratory a high degree of flexibility, reliability and user-friendliness, which improves the digital workflow even further.