Inspired By Your Needs ‒ Revolutionary Technology, Easy To Use


Dentists and dental technicians have very concrete views of how they would like to provide optimal treatment for their patients. At the International Dental Show (IDS) in March 2019, Dentsply Sirona will be presenting technologies and workflows that are coordinated precisely to these needs and will raise dental treatment to a new level of quality. Familiar workflows will be simplified, patient communication will be improved, and the clinical and economic success of practices and laboratories will thus be ensured.

Dentsply Sirona will be presenting technologies and workflows that are coordinated precisely to customers’ needs and will raise dental treatment to a new level of quality.

The development of new products has today reached a new level of dynamism: The challenge lies in simplifying traditional treatment workflows while at the same time improving the quality of treatment. This can be achieved by innovative technologies, the optimal interplay of individual components, and open and transparent communication between all of the participants involved ‒ dentists, dental technicians, and patients. As the world's largest manufacturer of dental solutions, Dentsply Sirona has been inspired by the needs of customers and will provide innovative answers to the current issues in dentistry. 

Digital workflows for the daily routine

Digital technology is now a matter of course in many practices and laboratories, where it provides more safety in daily workflows. Dentsply Sirona is a company that is instrumental in promoting this and will introduce solutions at the upcoming IDS in Cologne, Germany that will change dentistry significantly.

New technologies and their linkages make it possible for innovative diagnostic and therapeutic aids to be available to both specialists and general practitioners. This will make the very latest in dentistry routine and is thus easy to implement ‒ for anyone, at any time, and anywhere. 

SureSmile Aligners, for instance, are a clear aligner solution that now also provides general practitioners with the opportunity to offer patients more treatment options and different price models with one versatile platform. Start with a digital impression, take a 2D or 3D Image, upload patient photos, approve the treatment plan, and have aligners produced ‒ done. An interactive diagnostic tool registers the digital treatment plan to the patient photo to ensure an ideal smile design. 

In dental labs, the challenge is to further optimise the digital infrastructure and to develop materials that satisfy the very highest requirements in terms of both aesthetics and handling.

Simplifying traditional treatments

When looking at conventional dental treatments such as fillings, implantology, and endodontic treatments, it can be seen that in the past, innovations have frequently made workflows more comprehensive and therefore more time consuming. Dentsply Sirona has listened to the requests of dentists and patients and has used new approaches to ensure that standard treatment steps have been simplified considerably and, at the same time, that better outcomes can be achieved. 

One example of this is Azento ‒ the solution for single-tooth replacement that provides dentists everything they need for an implant treatment, including a proposed surgical and prosthetic plan, as well as all the components and instruments needed for the case. It could not be simpler. Azento will be available in Canada and Europe next year.

"Dentsply Sirona will surprise and certainly fascinate visitors at the IDS. Our goal is to offer dental professionals the products and workflows that support them in their practice and lab routine," says Don Casey, CEO of Dentsply Sirona. "They need to be certain that products and their application are clinically safe at all times and require little effort. Revolutionary changes often lie in the details."

Interested dentists and dental technicians are cordially invited to experience Dentsply Sirona's new products and technologies live and to try them out themselves with expert support at the IDS from March 12 to 16, 2019. As always, there will be an attractive trade fair bonus on purchases at the Dentsply Sirona IDS booth.