Komet USA Launches Footsie™ Polishers For All-Ceramic Restorations


Now available to meet the polishing requirements of all-ceramic restorations, Footsie™ polishing wheels from Komet USA are specially configured in a spiral shape with a small foot at the end of each lamella (working part). Initially developed as a composite and enamel polishing solution, the innovative Footsie™ design provides exceptional flexibility and durability, and the enhanced polishing lamellas resist breakage during a two-step polishing sequence. The diamond-interspersed polishing wheels readily adapt to all restoration surfaces and can be used from any angle to achieve a brilliant, finished quality. Their thickened ends—or feet—quickly impart a shiny yet delicate finish to the final restoration.

The polishers offer a single-shape alternative to switching among cups, points, and discs during multi-step polishing procedures. Offered in blue (94019C.HP.200) for initial polishing and in white (94019F.HP.200) for high-shine final polishing, they deliver optimal aesthetic effects as well as the clinically desired restoration-surface quality. Thanks to their durable construction, the multi-use polishers can be sterilised and reused.