Modern and Intuitive: Double Triple for W&H Design


Proxeo Ultra, Proxeo Twist Cordless, and Assistina Twin

When man meets machine, user-friendly operation plays a crucial role. For the Austrian company W&H, this is precisely where the focus lies when designing medical technology products. W&H’s designs have succeeded in winning over not one but two international juries, with three products winning prizes at the Good Design Award 2019 in the USA and the German Design Award 2020. 

They fit perfectly in the hand, are intuitive in their operation, provide optimal freedom of movement and also look great: these are the main reasons why the W&H products Proxeo Ultra, Proxeo Twist Cordless and Assistina Twin were awarded two internationally renowned Design Awards. This is further proof of W&H’s outstanding expertise and the international success of its products. After all, effective design gives the user guidance, both when selecting and operating the products.

Leon Koopman, Kerstin Molzbichler, and Doris Rausch 

“When developing our products, our focus is firmly on the customer and their needs,” says Kerstin Molzbichler, Head of the design team. She and her team are responsible for developing the design for W&H products, applications and packaging. “Ultimately, our products are the interface between man and machine, between dentist and patient.”

A straightforward and clear product language that represents the company is essential, particularly in these times of digitisation.

“We are delighted that three products have been awarded two renowned prizes,” says Molzbichler. “This confirms to W&H’s unique identity and quality in the international dental market. Innovation is reflected in cost-effective solutions that customers can also relate to on an emotional level and appreciate for their function and economy.”

Maria Protiwa-Kinzl, Nils Deringer, Kerstin Molzbichler, Kerstin Oberhofer, Leon Koopman, and Doris Rausch