My bonding agent? It’s complicated


Most bonding agents require different protocols with extra steps depending on the type of restoration. Some require additional primers and activators depending on the material, some call for mandatory etching, and most of them need light-curing. Dealing with different protocols and technique sensitive materials leaves a margin for error, which can result in failing restorations, and even in a “break-up” with your patient.  

However, bonding does not have to be complicated.

Tokuyama Universal Bond is designed to deliver superior bond strength to all dental materials, while following the same short, simple protocol.  With its unique active chemistry, Tokuyama Universal Bond is the first and only truly self-cured universal bonding agent. It takes about 25 seconds to apply, and doctors can immediately proceed to place the restorative.

A simple comparison of procedure guides of the most popular universal bonding agents shows Tokuyama Universal Bond takes the least time and steps to complete bonding. No need for extra products or light-curing, no matter what restorative material is being used:

Not only designed to deliver fast and simple application, but also superior bond strength, Tokuyama Universal Bond demonstrates higher bond strength to dentin, enamel, and the most common restorative materials when compared to leading competitors.