nCase introduces new SmartCase aligner tracker


nCase, Inc. has released its SmartCase smart clear aligner case and tracker. The SmartCase is designed to track wear throughout the day to ensure patients are wearing their clear aligners instead of repeatedly forgetting them.

The SmartCase is programmed to track wear and provide helpful reminders via the customisable mobile app when users begin to miss their wear goals. Patented technology provides real-time usage that detects when aligners are placed in the case. Paired with the mobile app, users are able to know exactly how long the aligners have been in the SmartCase, as well as how long they presumably have been in their mouth. Progress can be track day-to-day or for the entire treatment.

Intelligent wear notifications and alerts allow users to receive automatic reminders when the aligners have gone unworn for too long. Users can also set a wear goal for how long they wear their aligners per day based on their dental provider’s recommendations. They will also receive reminders when it is time to change aligners.

The Lost SmartCase Locator contains several features to make sure SmartCase never gets lost. An automatic notification will be sent if users leave the SmartCase behind. It will ring when it is within the range of their phone or pull up its last location on a map when it is not.

The SmartCase uses replaceable coin cell batteries that only need to be replaced a couple of times throughout the treatment. Users will receive reminders when it is time to order new batteries and the easy-to-navigate design allows them to be ordered directly from the app.

The case is compatible with iOS 11+, Android 5+, and Bluetooth 4.0+. For more information, interested parties may visit the nCase website.

This article was originally posted on the Dental Products Report website and has been edited for format and length.