New Dental Product: CLAVE B Pre/Post Vacuum Autoclave From Flight Dental Systems


Flight Dental Systems is happy to announce the release of the Flight CLAVE B Pre/Post Vacuum Autoclave in January 2018. The CLAVE B is another great product from the CLAVE line of Autoclaves that customers have come to know and trust. The CLAVE B is our first Class B Steam Steriliser and uses the same great technology as our two other CLAVE products featuring an independent steam generator which ensures quick sterilisation cycles, LCD display with clear and easy to use interface, stainless steel chamber and a double locking mechanism that provides added safety to prevent the door from opening when in use or if pressurised.

The CLAVE B is a Class B sterilizer which utilises a state-of-the art vacuum system that dynamically removes air from the chamber before and after the sterilisation cycle. These small sized and very powerful tabletop autoclaves use a dynamic air removal process with the help of a pre/post vacuum system that provides superior advantages over other types of table top autoclaves. As one very important advantage, the pre-sterilisation vacuum helps remove cold air from the chamber before sterilisation starts, thus allowing more thorough steam penetration throughout the entire load. In addition, the post-sterilisation vacuum facilitates drying by removing steam at the end of sterilisation portion of the cycle thus allowing faster and more thorough drying of pouches and packs.

The CLAVE B provides a large 23L chamber capacity with four trays included, and a maximum capacity of five trays. The fast speeds and capabilities of the CLAVE B allows the user to process more instruments at a more effective and efficient manner. In addition, the Class B sterilisers can be used for any type of loads including porous material, products in pouches, textiles, and hollow items such as tips and handpieces.


The CLAVE B is a fully automatic tabletop autoclave with preset sterilisation programs. The software it uses is some of the most advanced with five pre-programmed cycles that include cycles appropriate for Unwrapped, Wrapped, Plastics, Textile and Prions. In addition, there are three test cycles for Bowie and Dick Test (B&D), Vacuum Test and Helix Test included as well. As for the software, it uses thermal and pressure sensors to detect any irregularities with the system and provides error codes that will notify the user of any issues. The safety features on the autoclave also help to ensure that the device is working in a safe manner thus reducing the risk of injury or damage to the machine.

Key Features

  • Fast Sterilisation and Drying Time
  • Pre/Post Vacuum System for Dynamic Air Removal
  • Better Penetration and faster more effective drying
  • Double Door protection system prevents door from opening during a cycle
  • Pressure safety to prevent the steam generator from producing too much pressure
  • Errors Detected and notified to user through intuitive LCD Display panel
  • Water level switches
  • Automatic Maintenance notifications
  • Low maintenance and Easy to Clean