New Dental Product: NLZ Electric Micromoter System From NSK


NSK recently released the NLZ electric micrometer system. The handpiece system features a new, more flexible installation style, according to the company. Every part is now more compact, minimising the space required for installation. The main system fits under the counter, with only the control unit visible.

The new product design improves visibility and makes it easier to control the unit. The system also features more torque than the company’s previous model, with max torque now at 4.2 Ncm. To improve safety, the Contra-Check function helps detect abnormalities caused by deterioration of the electric attachment and insufficient maintenance. It also features auto-reverse and auto-stop functions.

The system is compatible with WAVEONE Gold, the Dentsply Sirona endodontic reciprocating file. The NLZ Endo motor allows users to work in WAVEONE reciprocating mode, making it easier to shape canals. Typically, only one NiTi instrument is needed for a root canal. The large rotating angle in the cutting direction provides efficiency, while a smaller cutting angle in the reverse direction allows the file to safely move along the canal.