New Dental Products: EndoSequence Scout Files, ESR EndoSequence Reciprocating File, And EndoSequence BC Sealer HiFlow From Brasseler USA


Expanding its endodontic products portfolio to offer instruments and supplies for a wider range of treatment styles, Brasseler USA recently launched its EndoSequence Scout Files, its ESR EndoSequence Reciprocating Files, and EndoSequence BC Sealer HiFlow.


Developed through work with practicing endodontists, the three new products build on existing Brasseler product lines to fit these systems and materials into the workflows of clinicians who prefer different techniques. The EndoSequence Scout files were developed through work with a pool of orthodontists who helped identify the most common limitations of endodontic rotary files, according to materials provided by the company. The Scout Files are designed to overcome these issues with their reduced max flute diameter, safety tips, and heat treated NiTi material. The files can navigate through difficult canals.


As the first reciprocating NiTi system from Brasseler USA, the ESR EndoSequence Reciprocating Files system is designed for safety and efficiency. The files utilise a reverse cutting flute design with a progressive taper and heat treated NiTi material. Autoclavable, the files are a cost-effective solution for conservative canal preparation.

A new formulation of EndoSequence BC Sealer developed through work with Dr. Steve Buchanan, EndoSequence BC Sealer HiFlow is designed to be used with warm obturation techniques. The sealer features the same biocompatibility, antibacterial, low shrinkage, and hydroxyapatite bonding properties as the original formulation but it is more flowable when heated and offers greater radiopacity.