New Dental Products: G-aenial BULK Injectable, G-aenial Universal Injectable And G-aenial Flo X From GC America


GC America recently added three new products to the G-aenial line: G-aenial BULK Injectable, G-aenial Universal Injectable and G-aenial Flo X.

G-aenial BULK Injectable is an injectable high-strength nano-particle composite that features optimal viscosity, handling and adaptation characteristics, according to a press release. It can be used as a one-step application for bulk filling up to the occlusal surface without capping or veneering with another composite. The nano-particle formula is homogeneously dispersed and provides high flexural strength and wear resistance, leading to a durable restoration that maintains its gloss. The material is shapeable and easy to manipulate while also providing optimal adaptation to the cavity to reduce porosities and air bubbles. This composite offers an easy one step solution for filling larger cavities.

G-aenial Universal Injectable is an easy solution for smaller, non-stress bearing occlusal cavities. Like the bulk version, this injectable is a high-strength nano-particle composite with optimal viscosity, handling, and adaptation characteristics. The homogeneously dispersed nano-particle formula provides high flexural strength and wear-resistance for a durable restoration that retains its gloss. It is also highly shapeable and easy to manipulate, yet provides excellent adaptation to the cavity.

G-aenial Flo X is a low-viscosity flowable composite that’s well suited for posterior restorations. It’s designed to ensure excellent sealing and adaptation to cavity walls to effectively avoid porosities, preserve marginal integrity, reach narrow and difficult to access cavities, and offer minimally invasive caries treatment. Its higher radiopacity, even at low thickness, helps ensure optimal x-ray visibility and easy diagnostic of secondary caries. It is mainly indicated as a liner or base, but also may be used for filling undercuts, tunnel restorations, fissure sealing, and Class V restorations.