Palmero Healthcare Launches Additional Styles Of Safety Eyewear


Palmero Healthcare, the leader in dental safety eyewear and a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is proud to announce the addition of three new styles of safety eyewear to its ProVision® line.

Palmero understands the dental professional’s responsibility to protect their practice and their patients. We also understand that those needs vary by patient and circumstance. That’s why Palmero is introducing ProVision® Econo Tilts, ProVision® Rainbow™, and ProVision® Econowrap Mini Bonding™ - available on January 2019.

ProVision Econo Tilts is part of Palmero’s Wraparound Collection. It features a lightweight, frame with tilting arms to ensure a great contoured fit for many individuals, as well as an anti-fog polycarbonate. The firm nose pad and soft, rubberised temple tips guarantee comfort and grip while the curved lens provides wraparound splatter protection. The ProVision Econo Tilts block up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard, and is available in two colours: Rose Quartz and Blue.

The American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry’s Policy on Patient Safety recognises safety as an essential component of quality oral health care for infants, children, adolescents, and those with special health care needs. The policy emphasises procedural protocols that protect the patient and minimise opportunity for injury during delivery of care including using protective eyewear.

“We’ve learned that most dental offices are not aware that there are small paediatric sizes of protective eyewear that are ANSI certified,” said Ms. Karen Neiner, President of Palmero Healthcare, LLC.

In its effort to help dental professionals avoid the risk of eye injury to their young patients, Palmero Healthcare has designed two new lines of safety eyewear for children: ProVision Rainbow and ProVision Econowrap Mini Bonding.

ProVision Rainbow puts younger patients at ease with fun, brightly coloured patient eyewear. Designed to fit smaller faces, these economical options with flexible temples come in packs of 12 with six vibrant colours and make it easy and fun to have paediatric patients wear their safety glasses. ProVision Rainbow safety eyewear feature a scratch resistant, 100% polycarbonate grey tinted lens that has a calming effect for young patients by reducing the effect of harsh operatory lights. This new safety eyewear provides ultimate protection blocking up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays and meets the ANSI Z87.1 safety standard of impact protection.

ProVision Econowrap Mini Bonding is part of Palmero’s Wraparound Collection featuring an orange polycarbonate lens for maximum protection to prevent ocular damage, while blocking blue light rays between 385-500 nm which exceeds the blue light wavelengths of 450-495 nm. This mini version of our popular full size sleek, bonding eyewear comes with the same great features and benefits. The distortion-free, wraparound lens offers superior peripheral vision and protection, filtering up to 99.9% of blue, UVA, and UVB rays. Comfortable, lightweight, fog-free, and scratch-resistant, ProVision Econowrap Bonding also meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard.

Dental professionals continually perform tasks placing them and their patients at risk for exposure to blood, saliva, and respiratory droplets. Palmero recommends dental professionals implement an Eye Conservation Program.

“We advise dental professionals to use the four C’s of safety eyewear: Certified, Clarity, Comfort, and Compliance,” said Ms. Neiner.

Certified: Safety eyewear should incorporate a wraparound design for full coverage and meet industry standards and guidelines for lens, cornea, and retina protection (ANSI Z87.1, OSHA, and CDC). It must be manufactured from high impact resistant materials to protect from flying debris and projectiles and encompass a special bonding lens to filter out damaging blue light (400 nm- 500 nm) levels to the retina.

Clarity: Anti-fog coating, scratch resistant technologies, and superior lens designs provide excellent optics for visual acuity.

Comfort: There are many styles with a broad range of frame, temple, and nose bridge designs. Individualized fit provides all day security and optimal comfort.

Compliance: All practitioners should be willing to use safety eyewear for everyone in every procedure, every day.

Palmero’s New Provision Safety Eyewear meets the four C’s and protects all patients and dental practitioners against spray, splash, and splatter for infection control; eliminates blue light exposure; and protects from high impact flying projectiles that can cause permanent damage to the eye.

Protect your eyesight and the eyesight of your patients with Palmero’s full line of safety eyewear, the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and affordability.