“Planmeca gives us doctors the opportunity to be the best”


For Dr Tinatin Mushkudiani, a great day is another busy day at the dental office

Busy clinics need devices that can withstand the heaviest workloads. Dr Tinatin Mushkudiani sees more than 2,000 patients per month at her clinic Dent Adept, where her Planmeca equipment is in constant daily use – and working like a dream.

They say there is no substitute for hard work. One person who has taken this phrase to heart is Dr Tinatin Mushkudiani. She sees more than 2,000 patients per month at her clinic Dent Adept in Tbilisi, Georgia. “Every day, I work no less than 10 hours and talk to more than 40 patients,” Dr Mushkudiani says. “But it’s a pleasure for me. It gives me energy.”

Dr Mushkudiani started her career in private practice with a single dental chair more than 14 years ago. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to become the owner of two dental clinics, which house a total of ten dental units and a dozen employees. At the same time, her dedication also shows in how she chooses her dental equipment.

“To be honest, it’s not easy to run a practice on your own. But I can’t allow myself to buy something that I’m going to need to change later on. So I always look for the best in the business. Whether it’s an imaging unit or intraoral scanner, whenever I purchase something I want to be sure I’m buying the best. And Planmeca is just that.”

Planmeca ProMax® 3D s imaging unit

Everything is integrated

Today, Dr Mushkudiani works with both restorative and orthodontic cases with her Planmeca devices, which she says run like a dream. She currently uses the Planmeca ProMax® 3D s imaging unit with the Planmeca Romexis® software, as well as the Planmeca Emerald intraoral scanner. She says one particular advantage of Planmeca devices is the all-in-one concept, which enables her to offer a quick service to her patients.

“Everything is in one. The most important part of any dental treatment is making the correct diagnosis,” Dr Mushkudiani explains. “With my Planmeca devices, everything can be done in one day, from diagnosis based on the CBCT image to intraoral scanning and smile design. Especially in orthodontic treatments, the smile design software is something that really makes my workdays easier.”

Planmeca Emerald intraoral scanner

Making a great impression – with Planmeca Emerald™

In addition to the integrated concept, Dr Mushkudiani has also been pleased with the nice feedback from her patients, especially regarding the slim design of the Planmeca Emerald scanner. Indeed, Dr Mushkudiani says intraoral scanning has improved patient communication more generally. “It reduces a lot of time – and a lot of questions. The patients can see the issues they have and what will be done to fix them.”

The incredible scanning speed has even made her feel a little poetic. “I’ve actually renamed my Emerald scanner. You know, there’s one film in which the actor Nicolas Cage has the fastest car in the world, which he calls Eleanor. So for me, it’s not ‘Emerald’ – it’s Eleanor,” she says and laughs.

Dr Mushkudiani and her dental team at the Dent Adept clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia

Meanwhile, the great experience with Planmeca has made Dr Mushkudiani consider making the leap to Planmeca dental units as well. As she discusses the possibility, the conversation moves back to why she chose Planmeca in the first place. “My clinic is only a small part of dentistry, but I think every doctor wants to treat their patients the same way they would like to be treated themselves. I give my patients happiness, and when my patients are happy, I’m happy,” Dr Mushkudiani declares.

“Planmeca gives us doctors the opportunity to be the best.”