Preparation Of Implant Beds - With Feeling


The preparation of implant beds has to be efficient - and, at the same time, requires a great deal of feeling. The nine new Implant/Crestal instruments for the Piezomed from W&H are specially indicated for fine maxilla bone and the internal sinus lift. Compared with standard rotary instruments, they offer improved tactile feedback, are less invasive and encourage osseointegration1-3.

The Implant/Crestal instruments were developed in cooperation with experienced users. Straight models (I2A, I3A, I4A) are available for depth-defined preparation and expansion of the implant bed in the anterior region and angled versions (I2P, I3P, I4P) for the same tasks in the posterior region. The Implant/Crestal A and Implant/Crestal P sets (Fig. 1) also each contain special instruments for marking and pilot preparation (I1) (Fig. 2) as well as for expansion of the crestal access and lifting of the Schneiderian membrane with coolant (Z25P, Z35P).

Fine bone, internal sinus lift

The I2A/P, I3A/P and I4A/P instruments (Fig. 3) allow axial corrections at any time as well as precise, controllable, minimally invasive preparation. This is particularly important in fine bony structures, for example the anterior region of the maxilla. The Z25P and Z35P instruments with a diamond-coated front side are used in hard, cortical bone to create an access for the depth-defined preparation. Coolant is supplied efficiently via a central channel.

Fig. 1: The Implant/Crestal A and Implant/Crestal P instrument sets for implant bed preparation in the anterior and posterior regions of the maxilla.

Fig. 2: Marking and pilot preparation with the Piezomed I1. Photo: © Dr Guirado


Fig. 3: The instruments for the depth-defined preparation cut via the crown gearing on the front side. Photo: © Dr Kirste

Fig. 4: The Z35P is also suitable for the hydrodynamic elevation of the Schneiderian membrane in the scope of the internal sinus lift. 


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