ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System From Lares Dental


Lares Dental recently introduced the ProStyle E electric handpiece system.

Until now, the power, precision and sound quality of electrics came with poor motor/contra angle balance, and the resulting hand fatigue. By shortening the contra angle and motor dramatically, the Lares ProStyle E system has shifted the point of balance to exactly where your hand needs it for maximum comfort and control. With exceptional performance at affordable pricing, no required installation, and ease of transport between operatories, it's easy to see why ProStyle E is your best choice in electric handpiece systems!

The autoclavable system features a shorter contra angle and motor for better balance, which results in enhanced comfort and control for the operator, according to the company.

The electric handpiece system is also easy to transport between operatories, and no installation is required.

Other features include a brushless motor for longer operation; a lube-free motor; LED lighting; an anti-burn push button for enhanced patient safety; a tri-port spray for unobstructed cooling; and a speed control knob that’s easy to adjust.