Streamline restoration workflow with SimpliShade™ Universal Composite


Kerr Dental, a premier dental solutions provider, has launched SimpliShade™ Universal Composite, the newest addition to its Simplicity line of products. With just three shades (light, medium, and dark), SimpliShade™ matches all 16 VITA® Classical shades to streamline restoration workflows and inventory management for busy practices. SimpliShade™ is also powered by Adaptive Response Technology (ART), the same proven technology found in Harmonize™, for lifelike restorations with exceptional strength and aesthetics.

“Doctors are confronting a wide range of challenges right now and are looking for ways to help simplify and streamline their practices without compromising patient care and results,” explained Ms Lea Pagaduan, marketing manager at Kerr Dental. “SimpliShade™ three-shade composite covers all 16 VITA shades, making it faster and easier to match shades. This helps accelerate chair time so patients can get in and out of the operatory faster. That’s good for the patient as well as the practitioner.”

By reducing the number of shades, SimpliShade™ also helps streamline inventory management requirements. “Because of changes brought about by COVID-19, doctors are focused on securing PPE and infection-prevention items they need to practice safely,” said Ms Pagaduan. “By reducing the amount of product needed for shade-matching, SimpliShade™ saves doctors significant time stocking shelves, re-ordering, and keeping track of expired products. It also declutters storage space and makes more room for items that are critical to patient and staff safety.”  

Along with simplified workflows and inventory management, SimpliShade™ delivers the performance and results doctors want and patients expect.

“Yes, doctors appreciate simplicity, but they also need a product that delivers excellent strength,” said Ms Christine Schuesler, dental senior product manager at Kerr.

She added, “SimpliShade™ meets those demands on both fronts. It also outperforms other leading brands when it comes to resisting chipping and wear.

While strength is important to doctors, so are esthetics. With optimal opacity, SimpliShade™ mimics tooth structure to better mask underlying tooth stains and blend more seamlessly with surrounding dentition. This results in a more lifelike restoration.”

She also noted that comparisons show SimpliShade™ offers better blending than competing brands with no blocker needed.

With the time savings, increased workflow efficiencies, reduced inventory management, and high performance, SimpliShade™ provides a cost-effective solution for practices facing today’s unique challenges.

More information about the product is posted on the Kerr Dental website.