Surefil one™: Connecting efficiency and performance


Performance makes the difference for the satisfaction of patients. Efficiency makes the difference for the profitability of practice. The new Surefil one™ restorative from Dentsply Sirona connects efficiency and performance, delivering every advantage in one material.

Surefil one™ is a self-adhesive composite hybrid, thus, no etching, bonding, or cavity conditioning is required. It delivers bond strength on the level of modern adhesives and with its dual cure initiator, users can fill to any depth with no layering.

In terms of aesthetic, Surefil one™ has a glossy finish and is resistant to staining. On top of that, there are five shades available that users can choose from.

Surefil one™ is ideal for posterior tooth restoration. Its self-adhesion property means users can stop worrying about inadequate etching, adhesive coverage or solvent evaporation. And with unlimited depth of cure, there’s no risk of insufficient curing.

For more information about the product, interested parties may visit the Dentsply Sirona website.