Editor’s pickThe Global Community Discusses Digital Future with Open Systems


exocad Insights 2018 kicked off in Darmstadt on 19th – 20th November, with more than 550 dental technicians, dentists and open systems partners from over 40 countries attended the sold-out event held by exocad, the renowned software company. The first-rate program featured internationally recognised guest speakers, 24 leading industry partners and exocad's own team of experts. The event focused on the latest developments from exocad, special software presentations and the myriad possibilities of digital technologies, including how these can be future-proofed via exocad’s open architecture software platform.

"It is overwhelming to see that we are reaching users in every corner of the globe, who are both actively and enthusiastically involved in this growing community. Here in Darmstadt, we welcome participants from over 40 countries, including Iceland, China, Russia, the USA, and even from Chile and Australia. Many of our guests have travelled far to be with us here - that's something special that we really appreciate," said Mr. Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO of exocad.

Knowledge, inspiration and partners

exocad Insights presented state-of-the-art hardware from partners in the fields of scanning, milling, 3D printing, and materials. First of all, Mr. Larry Bodony, President of exocad America, presented various exocad solutions, applications, and new business models. Deeper discussions into the digital process came from renowned guest speakers such as Mr. Waldo Zarco Nosti, founder of the Facebook group exocad Experts, Mr. Uli Hauschild, Mr. Michael Anger and Dr. Jan Hajtó. At the end of the first event day, brain researcher and neuro-science entertainer Dr. Henning Beck explained the functioning of the human brain.

The second day included partner sessions from Amann Girrbach, Align, Medit, Shining 3D, CIM Systems, Elos Medtech, imes-icore, Nobil-Metal and smart optics, each presented their new developments, and vision for the future. Another highlight specifically was targeted at combining same-day dentistry with open systems. Renowned speakers Mr. Paul Weigl, Dr. Ingo Baresel, Dr. Anoop Maini and Dr. Armen Mirzayan demonstrated the impetus for modern treatment options and the "single-visit dentistry" of the future. At the same time, visitors joined exocad specialists in various software sessions covering selected user areas and case studies. At the end of the event, guest speaker Mr. Vanik Kaufmann introduced users of digital technologies to the myths and reality of 3D printing.

Combining digital technology with an open system platform

exocad delivers a unique open platform solution that makes it easy to integrate third party products and services, providing a future-proof platform. The perfectly integrated and easy-to-use software solutions are characterised by maximum flexibility, robustness and design freedom.

"What makes our software platform unique is its seamless and flexible integration with a wide variety of 3D scanners, milling machines and printers from leading manufacturers. This approach makes our software products future-proof by ensuring access to the latest and most innovative devices from different providers in the open market.” The advantage is clear said Mr. Maik Gerth, CTO of exocad,"If you want to make changes to your workflows, equipment, or services, you can customise the connectivity of our software. The basis for this is the open architecture of the exocad software platform."

With DentalCAD, which currently has over 12 add-on modules, exocad has developed today's leading dental CAD software for use in dental and practice laboratories. Other software solutions include exoplan for implant planning and ChairsideCAD for same-day dentistry care in the clinical environment. Products such as exocam for production complete the portfolio in a practical way.

At exocad there is no easing - the portfolio is constantly evolving. For example, PartialCAD was recently introduced for the design of high-quality partial dentures. The software is available as an add-on module for DentalCAD or as a standalone version. Smile Creator, a new tool for the planning of highly aesthetic restorations, is also due for imminent release. Additionally, users of exoplan can quickly access an add-on module for designing surgical guides, enabling in-house production of guides.  

All software applications have been developed on the same platform and therefore follow the same operating concept. exocad has created a simple, user-friendly and, above all, future-proof solution that fully meets the needs of customers in a rapidly developing market.

Enabling in-house production of surgical guides

Furthermore, exocad announced the introduction of its new exoplan Guide Creator module – a software solution for surgical guide design. It provides dental practices and laboratories with a digital workflow offering maximum flexibility. This new feature is available in selected geographies as an add-on module for exoplan, a powerful, open and efficient software package for virtual implant planning. Customised surgical guides can be designed using the new Guide Creator software module, after which they can be produced on-site in a laboratory, dental practice or external production centre. This increases the production value of existing equipment, with 3D printers in particular providing more profitability when producing surgical guides.

All exocad solutions are based on the same open-architecture platform, ensuring seamless functionality of the digital workflow: from virtual prosthetic-oriented implant planning with exoplan, to designing surgical guides with Guide Creator,and planning and producing the implant-supported, temporary and final restorations with DentalCAD, exocad's dental CAD software.

“As the world’s leading supplier of dental CAD software, we provide the perfect symbiosis of prosthetic and implant planning,” said Mr. Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO of exocad. “Users achieve predictable results in a cost and time-efficient manner, which ultimately results in increased customer satisfaction.”

exocad users in dental practices and laboratories can depend on a high-performing and reliable software platform which has a proven track record of around ten years. All exocad software solutions follow the same operating concept and exocad has always valued vendor independence that allows clients to build the solution that fits their needs. exocad software  offers direct integration with a variety of 3D scanners, milling systems and 3D printers. Open architecture benefits exoplan users who may freely choose from a wide range of imaging devices, materials and implant systems available in today’s market. The software also provides dentists and dental technicians with a comprehensive library of implant, abutment and sleeve systems from numerous established manufacturers.

exoplan processes large image datasets at an impressive speed. Hard and soft tissues are simultaneously displayed in both 2D and 3D and in high resolution. These optimal visualisations of the initial situation support the user in simple and safe planning of implant positions.

exocad places great emphasis on a transparent cost structure without pay-per-use or hidden fees. The company provides its software solutions as a traditional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) exclusively via partner companies all around the world.

Ultimately, the participants of exocad Insights 2018 are taking away a clear message to their labs and practices: the future of digital dentistry lies in open systems.