Three Posters Proposed This Year At The EAO Congress


This year at the EAO congress in Madrid, 3 posters have promoted Anthogyr’s achievements.

In the “Clinical Innovations” category, Dr Jean-Baptiste Verdino (Hyères, France) proposed 2 posters:

  • Non-traumatic extraction device : Exo Safe . After description of the extraction procedures for single and multiple roots, Dr Verdino explains the benefits of the automatic periotome in bone preservation.
  • Clinical evaluation of an innovative implant-prosthesis connection without screw or cement: a case study. This poster presents the new InLink® connection and the clinical success of 10 patients followed-up by Dr Verdino, one year after loading.

In the “Implant Therapy outcomes, surgical aspects” category,  Dr Sergio Salina ( Milan, Italy - Investigator in the Clinical study of the poster) proposed 1 poster.

  • Subcrestal placement of dental implants with an internal conical connection of 0.5 mm versus 1.5 mm: outcome of a multicenter randomized controlled trial 1 year after loading. Dr Salina presents the one year results of the clinical study which aims to evaluate whether there are some clinical benefits in placing single dental implants either 0.5 or 1.5 mm subcrestally in healed bone crests.