Treating Dental Pain With Lasers To Be Addressed In Webinar With Expert Technology Developer, Dr. Nelson Marquina


Dr. Nelson Marquina

A Deep dive into the how and why of laser therapy for treating common dental presentations like dentin hypersensitivity with time for your Q&A's.


Oral-facial pain can be debilitating to thousands of people. Unable to eat certain foods or liquids, brush their teeth or lord forbid, have to go to the dentist, the result is teeth that have gone uncared for and contributes to a growing number of health issues that extend beyond the mouth.

Many practitioners have recognised the use of lasers in dentistry with offering numerous highly useful and effective applications. One of the most exciting is that of laser biostimulation. By applying high intensity, non ablative laser light, cellular physiology is activated and promotes a proliferation of healthy tissue. 

Over 230 positive university led worldwide studies have shown an 80%-95% success rate on more than 24 different dental applications. Using high intensity laser biostimulation, patients enjoy results from the pain and swelling associated with tooth sensitivities, periodontal disease, pulpitis, neuralgia, headaches, TMD and more.

So if your patients complain of "dental pain" and dentine hypersensitivity this webinar will provide you with another way of using laser therapy that complements conventional treatment protocols we invite your to join our "Dentin Hypersensitivity Made Easy" webinar on 13th July 2018 from Noon-12:45 EST

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