VALIANT® Curing Light, The Power To Confidently Cure


Unleash the multispectral power that is VALIANT®, from Vista Dental.

Vista Dental Product’s VALIANT® multispectral curing light, is capable of polymerising all light-cured dental materials, making it one of the most versatile curing lights on the market.

VALIANT® precision optics produce a uniform beam of high intensity light 1200-2500mw/cm2 in the 395-500 nm wavelength range. A uniform beam profile ensures even curing and a 6.8mm depth of cure on standard mode and a 3 second cure on boost mode.

The light is also equipped with a transilluminator for detecting fractures, cracks and residual caries. The one-button, intuitive operation and lightweight aluminum body of the VALIANT® make it one of the most ergonomic curing lights available.

The VALIANT® is the smart choice over the other multispectral curing lights as it is efficient, lightweight and provides a substantial cost savings.