Editor’s pickVOCO recommends the use of x-tra fil and Futurabond U for fast and affordable restorative treatment


Rapid treatment is often needed – and yet the quality and price must also be right. With its light-curing, posterior tooth, bulk fill restorative material x-tra fil, and its universal bonding agent Futurabond U, VOCO offers an ideal combination that guarantees restorative treatment at the best price and performance ratio. This solution is also a proven alternative to amalgam fillings. 

x-tra fil

This restorative material was specially conceived for treatment in the posterior region (classes I and II) as well as for core build-ups. Thanks to the option of applying increment thicknesses of up to 4mm in a single work step, as well as the short curing time of only 10 seconds, both patient and dentist benefit from a short chair time. Thus, x-tra fil is especially well-suited for treatment of non-compliant patients. Aside from its fast and easy handling, x-tra fil also stands out with its high depth of cure and low shrinkage.

Furthermore, the product’s high translucency produces a chameleon-like shade adaptation to the surrounding tooth substance. Thus, the patient obtains not only a long-lasting and unrestricted masticatory load-bearing result, but also an aesthetic one.

Futurabond U

The dual-curing universal adhesive Futurabond U complements the total restorative treatment. In addition to its practical handling in a hygienic SingleDose, it also offers an outstanding range of application options in terms of the indications and the choice of etching technique. 

Whether self-etch, selective-etch, or total-etch: Futurabond U allows practitioners to freely select how they wish to condition the dental hard tissue, depending on the individual clinical situation and their personal work preferences. Thus, Futurabond U covers such a broad spectrum of applications that no additional bonding system is required in practice.