VOCO sets new standards with expansion of online events


During the worldwide lockdown, a Germany-based dental company, VOCO, has initiated an ambitious webinar offer within a short time and successfully promoted advanced trainings even during the crisis. From CAD/CAM techniques and perfect direct or indirect restorations to concepts for post-endodontic treatments, VOCO had set new standards in online learning.

As almost all exhibitions, congresses, and events worldwide have been cancelled in the recent months, VOCO has greatly expanded its online platform during this time. Between March and July 2020, a total of 166 online events were held in form of webinars for employees, trade partners, dentists, and dental assistants. At times, up to three events were held daily, six days a week. More than 100 webinars were addressed to the customers internationally and in various languages, covering all subject areas, which VOCO offers within its product range. More than 55,000 participants worldwide registered for VOCO's online platform of advanced trainings, which gave VOCO an appreciably high regard in the market during the Corona crisis.

Due to the exclusively positive feedback worldwide, VOCO will continue to offer webinars for customers, trade partners, and employees even after the pandemic.