Acteon: Preserve Teeth with NEWTRON®

Small Equipment

With the NEWTRON® range, practitioners can clean teeth effectively while preserving them



NEWTRON® technology: The perfect tune for more precise and painless treatments

NEWTRON® BOOSTER, NEWTRON® P5 and NEWTRON® P5XS generators are fitted with the Cruise Control® System, patented NEWTRON® technology. Tip frequency is adjusted in real time for better tactile sense with no power loss. The controlled and constant amplitude gives gentle vibrations that preserve teeth. Finally, the power required is instantly adjusted depending on the environment for decreased fatigue.


NEWTRON® tips: Conserves teeth

ACTEON® offers the widest range of instruments. The specific tip steel hardness (nearest to enamel) combined with the tips’ linear displacement also preserve teeth. Power use is accurately determined with the Colour Coding System™ or through the Bluetooth option on NEWTRON® P5XS. This offers a sustainable tip use and maximum patient comfort.


Treat better with B.LED technology

F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED plaque revealer, which interacts with NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece blue light, brings a more careful vision of scaling. The areas to be scaled are clearly identified to guide the procedure in real time. Treatments become more effective and accurate while preserving healthy tissues.


Every detail counts

The sleek design and soothing lights of these generators also meet hygiene requirements. NEWTRON® technology, generators and tips help practitioners everyday to provide the best care to their patients.