Amann Girrbach: Ceramill Colouring Liquids

Laboratory Materials

Colour zirconia accurately using the Amann Girrbach colouring concept

Zirconia restorations can now be coloured accurately and reproducibly using the Ceramill Colouring Liquids from Amann Girrbach. These were developed and adapted according to the specific material characteristics of the respective zirconia group (LT, HT and SHT) to ensure exact and reliable results based on the VITA classic shade guide – which can only be consistently matched right away using this optimal harmonisation of material and colouring solution.

Three material-specific Ceramill Liquid sets have been created for customising milled restorations with ease and precision.
A compact liquid set with four basic shades and two shade modifiers was specifically developed for the slightly translucent zirconia Ceramill ZI (LT), which only requires an aesthetic base for the porcelain veneer as an anatomically reduced framework material.

A clearly designed set of colouring solutions in the 16 VITA classic tooth shades and shade modifiers for the incisal/occlusal surfaces and gingival region is also available for each of the (super-) highly translucent zirconia materials Ceramill Zolid and Ceramill Zolid FX (HT/SHT), which are also used for monolithic restorations. The shades can be directly applied to the restoration without mixing, and can optimise workflow efficiency and reliability. Both liquid sets provide a maximum degree of aesthetics, customisation and cost-effectiveness as they are coordinated with one another, as well as with the specific working and material parameters for Ceramill Zolid and Ceramill Zolid FX.

The Amann Girrbach colouring concept is completed by the Ceramill Stain&Glaze set, which can be used to enhance the light dynamics and in-depth shade effect of monolithic restorations.