Amann Girrbach: Ceramill Dicom Viewer – Ceramill Mind Upgrade Module for the Visualisation of Dicom Data

Digital Software

Visualisation and communication software Ceramill Mind upgrade module “Ceramill Dicom Viewer” allows data from CT or CBCT machines (Dicom format) to be imported, displayed and merged with stl data to make underlying or superficial anatomical structures of the patient visible. Different visualisation options enable easier, more precise and therefore more reliable quality of communication between the dentist and laboratory.

Three-dimensional radiographic images imported into the Ceramill Dicom Viewer thus provide information about the paths of the jaw and facial nerves, bite relationship of the teeth to one another or the bone quality. The sections and anatomical planes to be displayed can be regulated via recognition of the tissue thickness, which achieves more precise pre-planning of the restoration.

Once stored as an stl data record, the patient data can be accessed in the Ceramill Mind for checking or information, e.g., when designing abutments.