Amann Girrbach: Compact 4-Axis Milling Machine for Dry Millable CAD/CAM Materials

Laboratory Equipment

Compact, diverse and extremely robust, the new CNC-controlled, 4-axis milling machine Ceramill Mikro is ideal for dry processing of CAD/CAM materials. This completes the Ceramill machine portfolio of Amann Girrbach and impresses due to its high-performance components with simultaneously low investment costs. It thus enables an uncomplicated entry into in-house CAD/CAM fabrication in the daily lab routine.

Amann Girrbach’s 35 years of experience in machine construction is also apparent in their latest development. Ceramill Mikro’s design and minimisation of movement parts contribute decisively to guaranteeing long-term precision processing and stability of the system. This is because the more compact and vibration-free the construction, the more permanently the production process runs with the necessary precision.

Apart from its sophisticated design, the high-quality technical equipment of Ceramill Mikro is worthy of note – for instance, the precise, durable spindle with a concentricity of <0.004mm. The industrial precision axis guidance ensures mechanical rigidity and – together with an optimised control unit – quick travel paths. The milling space is hermetically separated from the control unit to avoid long-term contamination with dust. The other electronic components are also protected and integrated in a housing. An ingenious extraction concept ensures a clean machine, the inner space of which consists of a resistant, surface-coated casting.

Ceramill Mikro is suitable for dry processing of blanks and individual blocks such as zircon oxide, PMMA, wax, CrCo and hybrid ceramics. All conventional lab indications, which also include non-precious metal frameworks – thanks to the sinter metal Ceramill Sintron – can be performed using Ceramill Mikro for in-house fabrication: accurately fitting, without preparation and reworking.

Ceramill Mikro is in no way inferior to its senior relative, Ceramill Motion 2 (4X) and (5X), with regard to precision and process reliability, but enables uncomplicated entry into top-level in-house CAD/CAM fabrication in the lab or optimises the lab routine as a back-up machine in terms of efficiency and productivity.

With Ceramill Motion 2 for wet and dry mode and Ceramill Mikro, Amann Girrbach provide a future-proof machine concept for maximum value creation processes meeting all economic requirements and, from the very beginning, specially designed for processing CAD/CAM materials. This is possible because of the high CNC expertise of Amann Girrbach, which enables development and production to be kept completely in-house.

Therefore, in the future, all milling machines with the Ceramill brand will be equipped with Amann Girrbach control modules from in-house development to provide commercial and practice labs with even higher fabrication quality with simultaneously shorter processing times.

With its dimensions (D/B/H 410mm x 410mm x 540mm), Ceramill Mikro only requires a small set-up area, allowing it to fit in any lab. The low price of the milling machine makes the expenditure manageable, so that quick amortisation can be expected. Low maintenance and servicing complete the picture, which is ideal for the daily lab routine and is also offered in a set with suitable CAD/CAM components.